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  • Did you know that the hardest part about obtaining the NHBRC certificate, is the writing & passing of the Nhbrc's technical assessment test.
  • And did you know that we are the only service providers that supply you with a fully trained technical manager to write the test on behalf of your company.
  • We facilitate 100% of the entire Nhbrc registration process from the initial application stage, to the collection of the certificate from the Nhbrc's offices.
  • And to give you complete peace of mind, we only charge you once your certificate has been delivered to you.
Nhbrc Registration

What do you need to register for the Nhbrc?

  • A technical manager appointment letter (We shall assist you with the appointment of a technical manager)
  • Ck/Cm Company Registration Documents
  • ID Documents or passport photo page
  • Tax Clearance Certificate
  • Share Certificate (For PTY's only)
  • Proof of address (Director or member/owner)
  • Business Account (Bank Stamped Confirmation Letter)


In order to be registered, an applicant is required to write a test or appoint a technical manager to write the test on behalf of their company. We have dedicated a whole page on the detailed information about the NHBRC technical assessment exam. You can find a whole lot of useful study resources as well as NHBRC courses. You may click here for more information .

How difficult is the nhbrc test?

I wouldn’t say that the NHBRC test is an easy exam. It requires proper preparation as well as someone who is very knowledgeable about the National Home Builders Registration Council’s specific rules & regulations. These consist of minimum & maximum home building dimensions as well as a number of related home building best practices. A number of builders fail the test due to a lack of preparation or undermining the test.

How long does it take to get the Nhbrc registration certificate?

7 to 14 working days is more than enough to obtain the NHBRC certificate. This is all dependent on how efficient& effective you have put your application documents together.

how much does it cost to register with the nhbrc?

In total, it will set you back R 1,271.93 broken down as follows. R 745.61 for the initial application fee whereas the R 526.32 is for the annual membership fee payable each year. The initial R 745.61 is non refundable however, the R 526.32 is refundable should you not meet the application criteria. Please note that the NHBRC does not take cash at its premises but does accept swiping card payments or EFT & cash deposits at the bank tellers.

We charge R 3, 450 for our full facilitation fees which include the supply of a technical manager to write the NHBRC test on behalf of your company.


The NHBRC requires all applicants to either appoint a technical manager or write the NHBRC test themselves. At Fixonate, we have a bunch of fully trained technical managers who can write the test on behalf of your company as well as assist you in any other home building consultation process should a need arise.

What does the NHBRC cover?
Nhbrc Registration Benefits

The NHBRC covers the housing consumer protection against

  • Major structural defects for a period of 5 years.
  • Roof leaks/ Waterproofing for a period of 1 year.
  • Deviations from proposed housing plan for a period of 3 months.
  • Builder’s registered with the council can also benefit from Nhbrc tenders which can obtained by clicking here.

nhbrc project enrolment

A home builder can only apply for a home enrollment only once they have received a valid NHBRC certificate. Builders are required to apply and enroll their homes at least 15 days before commencement of the project. Another very useful tip is to dig the strip foundation trench before enrolling and inspections commence by the NHBRC. However, do not commence further before enrollment. To enroll your home, here with the application documents for home enrollment.

What is an nhbrc registration?

An NHBRC registration certificate is a certificate issued by the National Home Builders Registration Council in terms of the housing consumers protection measures act 95 of 1998. The certificate is issued to a home builder to certify that the housing consumer will be protected from deviations from the proposed housing plans, roof leaks for a period of 1 year as well as major structural defects for a period of 5 years.

is it compulsory to register with nhbrc?

Yes it is. In fact, in terms of the housing consumers protection measures act 95 of 1998, no one can commence building nor receive payment for a home without a valid NHBRC registration certificate. The only exemption to the rule is for owner builders who are building homes for their own habitat or that of their immediate family members. In other words, no home building business may be conducted without a proper valid NHBRC certificate.

How do i register with the nhbrc?

Apart from the writing & passing of the technical assessment test, the NHBRC registration process is actually very simple, all it requires is the filling in correctly of the AR003 application form as well as the  Submission of the correct documents mentioned above. The documents must be submitted in person at the nearest NHBRC office. Your documents will be processed and upon approval, i.e after 2 days, the NHBRC will send you the first invoice. You can make payment by processing an electronic funds transfer, cash deposit at the bank or by card payment at the NHBRC’s offices. Please remember to include the payment reference number given to you on the invoice. Process the payment and keep a copy of the proof of payment as you will need this proof of payment together with your ID and company registration documents on the date of writing the NHBRC test. You can write the technical exam on any given day but within 30 days after processing this payment. Once you have written the exam & passed the test, it takes the NHBRC about an additional 2 days to process & print out the NHBRC certificate. You can view an example Nhbrc Certificate Sample pdf by clicking here.


Our facilitation services are designed to take the pain out of the NHBRC registration process. We shall handle the registration process for you. Queue for you as well as fill in the forms. We shall appoint a technical manager to write the test on behalf of your company. In addition to this, we shall also collect the certificate from the NHBRC’s offices on behalf of your company. All for just R 3,450.

To commence with the NHBRC registration process, please fill in our online application form and we shall assist you.

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