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Civil Engineering Students - Interns

Our company, Fixonate Consulting Services is looking for N1 to N6 civil engineering students who can master a 20 page NHBRC civil engineering regulations hand book and answer 4 online question papers below on behalf of emerging construction companies that want to register on the National Home Builders Registration Council.

Your answers will automatically be marked and if you obtain a score of above 60% per paper, you will be allocated an emerging NHBRC construction company to actually go and write the actual test on their behalf at the NHBRC offices at No 1166 Park Street, Hatfield, Pretoria or at No 27 Leeuwkop street, Sunninghill, Sandton, Johannesburg.

Upon passing the test, you will be paid an instant R 1,200 which will be e-Walleted to your cellphone number by us (Fixonate).

Once your allocated company has been registered with the National Home Builder’s Registration Council, further part time intern opportunities related to minor housing inspections that these new companies embark on can arise, should they secure home building contracts.

The online tests below as well as the study notes can still be accessed for more than 30 days before expiry, however, please note that we are urgently in need of interns & it is within your best interest to go through the study materials, answer & submit the tests as soon as possible as the quicker we get your results, the sooner we can allocate a company to you.

Please also take note that we are NOT the NHBRC, nor are we part of the NHBRC, however, we are simply facilitators of construction companies that want to register with the NHBRC on an ongoing basis and we introduce these construction companies to engineering students who are capable of studying the NHBRC regulations & effectively answer the technical assessment test examined by the NHBRC.

We also encourage you to please pass this opportunity onto other students that you might know as demand for engineering students is too high and we need as many students as possible.


  1. Please use your “Cellphone number” instead of the “Name” on your online test so that we can be able to call you back once we have assessed your  results
  2. The first access code to open the online test can be requested using the online application form further down below.
  3. The second access return code is automatically generated by the computer program. It is a return code for you to continue off from where you left off just in case of any computer disruptions such as load shedding, network disturbances or any other matter etc.
  4. The return code allows you to go back an infinite number of times over several days to correct your answers or answer a number of questions at a time. You do not have to answer all the questions in one sitting.
  5. Once you have finished, you can click the “submit button” for automatic assessment online.
  6. You can also attempt the test multiple times as long as you exceed the 60%, you shall still be considered for the opportunity.


Please click here here to access the NHBRC regulations hand book which the question papers are based on.


Below, please find the 4 online tests, you can immediately open them & you can keep on referring to your study materials as you answer the questions, remember the tests are not necessarily timed, however you have a maximum of one full month to finish answering.

You can answer a few questions at a time & keep going back by using the return code before you submit the entire question paper.


Once you have submitted your results, we shall mark them & send you the results, you can see where you went wrong etc., you can revise and resubmit before we send you to the NHBRC to write for the client.

If we select you to write for the client, we shall give you further instructions with regards to the NHBRC.