Cidb Grading


Cidb Grading

Welcome to our CIDB grading application services.

We are a group of chartered accountants that assist construction companies with the upgrade of their CIDB.

We put together the application documents required by the CIDB & also assist you with determining your financial capability score.

If you have completed a construction project of more than R 130 000, you could be qualified for a higher CIDB upgrade.


An upgrade, guarantees you an increased number of high valued construction projects with lesser competition.

A number of individuals think that a Cidb Grading is all about submitting a bunch of required documents,


A lot of attention goes into the documents and the wording on your project completion certificate, contract award letter, financial statements, bank statements, the application letter as well as the level and class of CIDB work that you are busy applying for.


  • Financial statements to be submitted, will meet the financial capability score for the CIDB level that you are busy looking for.
  • That a set of audited financial statements are drafted in the event that you may not have your VAT 201 statements in order.
  • That our financial statements are of a registered auditor in good standing.
  • Remember the CIDB will reject financials of auditors that are not in good standing with their controlling body.
  • Some auditors or accountants might not even tell you this beforehand thus jeopardizing your application without you even knowing it.
  • That our share certificate falls within the required 3 months expiry period.

We apply our professional judgement and skills to your application to ensure that it is a success.


We also advise you, based on the information presented, whether you are wasting your time applying for a particular grade.

For example, if you received a million contract for the supply of electrical generators without installation, you might be wasting your time, applying for an upgrade because the contract was simply a “Supply contract a rather than a skills based demonstration contract”.

Sometimes, the person who gave you the project, especially in the private sector, might not even know how to word a project contract letter, thus jeopardizing your application.

With our expertise, we can advise this person how the contract award letter, project completion certificate as well as the project breakdown document should have been written for the purposes of the CIDB based on the actual work conducted.


In order for us to assist you, please email or bring the following documents with you.

  • Clear ID copies of company directors.
  • Project contract award letter or maintenance contract.
  • Completion certificate.
  • 24 Months Bank Statement (For purposes of proving project was completed and paid for).
  • Tax Clearance Certificate (Call us to assist with tax clearance certificate if you don’t have one).
  • Electrical Contractors certificate (Only compulsory if applying for Electrical Works).


Please note that the annual financial statements play a very critical role in the determination of your CIDB level.

They are used for the determination of your financial capability score and could mean the difference between you obtaining a level 3 instead of a level 5 etc.

We always advise our clients to draft the financial statements for them so that we can know before hand whether you shall qualify.

In addition to this, we also ensure that the construction revenue earned,  complies with the accounting standards as prescribed by the international financial reporting standards 15.

For more information on this standard, you may click here.

Therefore, at Fixonate, we go at great lengths in ensuring that you get the actual CIDB level that you deserve.


We charge a fee based on the work we have to do in order for you to obtain your CIDB upgrade successfully.

We shall not charge you if we do not succeed.

You may fill in our online quotation form and we shall send you a quotation for the work to be done.

You may also visit our offices at No 41 Brand road, Midrand, Johannesburg or call us on our landline, 0115689784.


Please note that you will be required to make two payments when you elect to use our services. The first payment will go directly into the CIDB account for the class of work you are applying for and the second payment will be for our account when the work is done.


It takes about 21 working days after submission of all the required documentation.

The good news about the CIDB is that you will get your CIDB within 21 working days by law but only, if all the required documents have been submitted properly.

To obtain a quote as well as a free consultation, please fill in our online form on this page so that we can have a conversation on how to upgrade your CIDB level.


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