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Home Owner Builder Exemption

HomeHome Owner Builder Exemption


A home builder who is going to be building his or her own home for their own habitat or that of their immediate family members, may apply for exemption from the NHBRC’s warranty scheme cover and save on enrollment fees, however, they are still obliged to sit for the technical assessment exam as well as enrol the house for technical assessment issues.

Such owner exemptions, shall of course forego the NHBRC’s warranty scheme cover, which includes the following benefits.

  • Rectification of minor structural defects within 3 months of occupation.
  • Rectification of roof leaks within one year from date of occupation.
  • Rectification of major structural defects identified within 5 years from date of occupation.


And as such, banks might not also be interested in financing a home which is not covered by the NHBRC for the above items.


  • Owner builder must provide title deed  or deed of transfer to prove is legal owner of residential property to be built.
  • Owner builders but must still sit for and pass the NHBRC’s technical assessment exam.
  • NHBRC shall still conduct an inspection to determine whether building has commenced or not.
  • It is advisable to apply for exemption before commencing building.
  • If you commence without prior NHBRC approval, building might be legally halted by the NHBRC.


The advantage of applying for exemption, is that you get to save on the NHBRC enrolment fees, however you must still sit for and pass the NHBRC’s Technical Assessment Test, regardless of academic or skills background.


To thoroughly prepare for the NHBRC’s  Technical Assessment Test, you must study & master the NHBRC’s SANS10400, SANS2001 and SANS10137  three of the standards which make up the hard cover book sold by the NHBRC at a price of R3,168.15.

Please note that the above soft copies are a bit outdated, have only included them for illustration purposes for you to gauge the amount of work input required.

Because the assessment is an open book test, the hard cover sans book is allowed in the examination room, however, the above downloaded softcopies as well as our test is not allowed within the examination roof.


Are you feeling overwhelmed about the amount of work that needs to go in for the preparation of your test.

There are a number of ways in which we can help you pass the technical assessment exam.

  • We can give you the answers to the test questions, so that you can practice & mark yourself at a price of R600.
  • We can rent you the SANS manual at a price of R1,200 with a refundable deposit of R1,800 when you bring back the book.
  • We can sell you the SANS Manual book at a price of R3,000 together with the questions & answers. You can then highlight the answers in the book so that it is easier for you to find those answes during examination conditions at a price of R3,600.
  • Alternatively, at a price of R5,000 we can hand hold you and give you insights into a guaranteed pass. Infact, we will not charge you a single cent should you fail with this option. This option also includes us applying on your behalf with regards to your full exemption.
  • You simply fill in the online application form below, telling us about your specific needs, and one of us shall get back to you shortly.

For more information, please call us on 072 547 5231 or 062 703 2927 or 010 443 5919