New vat registration

Are you looking for a new company VAT registration?

Why it’s no longer that easy to get a VAT registration number?

Back then, it was easy for anyone to register for VAT. One would simply fill in a VAT101 form, submit the supporting documentation, and voila, a VAT number would be issued.

Things have changed lately, SARS now scrutinizes each and every VAT application and I can guarantee you, SARS might take six months or pay you a visit before they can approve your VAT application.

So, what can you do, to have your VAT application approved real quick?

Use the services of a professional.

We have applied for VAT for more than 231 companies in over the past 10 years.

We have been dealing with the same SARS officials and we know exactly what they want.

No need to queue, we are registered Tax Practitioners?

We simply book an appointment on your behalf for a VAT application.

We know our story, so there are no ups and downs.

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