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Nhbrc Questions 001 to 005

HomeNhbrc Questions 001 to 005


1)Who is the most competent person that should design the Geotechnical solution?
a)A Civil Engineer
b)A Geotechnical Engineer
c)An NHBRC Inspector
d)None of the above


2)Why is the engineer’s inspection and site monitoring necessary in the construction of a house?
a)To ensure compliance with design
b)Undertakes responsibility to provide necessary documentation and overseeing construction
c)To instruct the builder on technical issues
d)All of the above


3)What is the purpose of a geotechnical site investigation in the home building sector?
a)To create more work for engineering geologists & geotechnical engineers
b)To document the parameters upon which the design of the foundation is to be based
c)Help council of geoscience and NHBRC collect information
d)Increase the cost of the house


4)What is a wall crack of 25 mm classified as?
a)Very severe


5)Class H4 – H6 its for timber hazard bio classification?
a)Hazard very high
b)Medium Hazard
c)Hazard Low
d)Not applicable to soil class


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