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Nhbrc Questions 006 to 010

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6)Who is the competent person that should inspect the civil works during the implementation of the solution?
a)Geotechnical engineer
b)Civil engineer
c)Nhbrc inspector
d)None of the above


7)“ENGINEERING FILL” are materials…..?
a)In shallow fills which provide adequate bearing capacity for slabs
b)In fills which have been compacted within a defined moisture range, in layers and compacted to a defined density requirement which provides adequate bearing capacity for foundations & slabs
c)Consisting of soil mixed with cement or lime
d)Sourced immediately from quarry


8)Fill shall be placed in uncompacted layers not exceeding……. mm in respect of compaction by mechanical means
a)150 mm
b)200 mm
c)300 mm
d)400 mm


9)The upper surface/finished floor level shall not be less than …. above ground level?
a)150 mm
b)200 mm
c)400 mm
d)100 mm


10)Compaction by mechanical means shall be in layers not exceeding
a)400 mm
b)150 mm
c)250 mm
d)350 mm


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