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Nhbrc Questions 111 to 115

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111)Basic uncomplicated foundations should be constructed with concrete that has a compressive strength of at least ….. Mpa at 28 days in the ratio?
a)5 MPa, 1:2:2 Cement: Sand: Stone
b)10 MPa, 1:4:5 Cement: Sand: Stone
c)15 MPa, 1:1:1 Cement: Sand: Stone
d)25 MPa, 2:1:2 Cement: Sand: Stone



112)What is the average compressive strength for the solid masonry units for a double storey construction?
a)11 Mpa
b)15 Mpa
c)16 Mpa
d)10 Mpa



113)What will help increase the strength of concrete?
a)Decrease the water/concrete ratio
b)Decrease the amount of void in concrete by upgrading the concrete
c)Cure the concrete well
d)All of the above



114)What options below is used to protect the concrete from moisture loss?
a)Leave surface open for heat to release moisture in cement mixture, thus ensuring strength
b)Ponding of surface with water or covering with sand or mat, or covering concrete with water proofing or plastic sheeting
c)Option 1 & 2
d)Neither of the listed options are correct



115)What is the concrete mix proportion for use with a 13 mm (class 32.5) stone for 10 Mpa?
a)1 Bag cement (50 kg), 2 wheelbarrow sand, 2 wheelbarrows stone, 80 L water
b)1 Bag cement (50 kg), 1,5 wheelbarrow sand, 1,5 wheel barrows of stone, 30 L water
c)2 Bags cement (100 kg), 4.5 wheel barrow sand, 3 wheelbarrow stone, 66 L water
d)2 bag cement, 2 wheelbarrows of sand, 2 wheelbarrows of stone, 55 L water



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