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Nhbrc Questions 116 to 120

HomeNhbrc Questions 116 to 120


116)What is the concrete mix properties for use with a 19 mm stone for 25 MPa?
a)2 Bags cement, 3 Wheelbarrow of sand, 3 Wheelbarrows of stone, 55 L water
b)1 bag cement, 1 1/2 wheelbarrow of sand, 1 1/2 Wheelbarrow of stone, 25 L water
c)2 bags of cement, 2 wheelbarrow of sand, 2 wheelbarrow of stone, 20L water
d)None of the options are correct



117)Concrete curing methods include?
a)Plastic sheeting
b)Water curing
c)None of the above
d)All of the above



118)How can concrete be protected from losing moisture?
a)Damp sand, cover it with plastic and spray the surface with water
b)Damp sand, cover it with a cloth and spray the surface with water
c)All of the above
d)None of the above



119)Why is concrete compacted?
a)To eliminate bubble and void as well as to sustain a level surface
b)To make it harder
c)To soften it for mixing
d)All of the above



120)What quality of water is used for concrete mixing?
a)Drinking (potable) water
b)Gray water
c)Blackish water
d)River water



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