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Nhbrc Questions 131 to 135

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131)Which one of the following are common defects in plaster
c)Lack of hardness caused by applying plaster too much in sun and wind
d)All of the above



132)Plaster can be applied to masonry and concrete not exceeding ….. for masonry units and in concrete surfaces?
a)22 mm & 16 mm
b)10 mm & 15 mm
c)15 mm & 20 mm
d)25 mm & 35 mm



133)When properly laid, it will provide a highly effective impermeable barrier against the ingree of wind driven rain and dust. It should therefore provide on all tile and slated roofs, irrespective of the slope and if ceilings are not installed. What is this construction material called?
a)DPC (Damp Proof Course)
b)DPM (Damp Proof Material)
c)Under tile memberane
d)Fiber cement



134)What is the purpose of floor underlays in timber structures?
a)To serve as bracing for floor joists
b)To serve as noise dampener
c)To provide a vapor barrier to prevent moisture from coming in
d)All of the above



135)The under floor membrane shall have a thickness of not less than ….. mm?
a)0,25 mm
b)0,50 mm
c)0,35 mm
d)10,00 mm



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