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Nhbrc Questions 161 to 165

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161)Where are drips inserted on concrete roofs?
a)On top of the underlayment at all rakes, and below or on top of the underlayment at the eaves
b)Underneath the underlayment at all rakes and above of the underlayment in eaves
c)Any of the above
d)None of the above



162)What is the correct size of brandering?
a)45 x 45 mm
b)38 x 38 mm
c)48 x 48 mm
d)60 x 60 mm



163)What are the minimum dimensions of a wall plate supporting the tie beam & rafters?
a)38 x 114 x 76 mm
b)40 x 120 x 80 mm
c)60 x 100 x 100 mm
d)60 x 120 x 80 mm



164)The minimum size of purlins supporting sheeting materials is?
a)76 x 50 mm
b)70 x 70 mm
c)80 x 80 mm
d)50 x 50 mm



165)The trusses, rafters and purlin beams shall be supported on wall plates of minimum …. or similar flat bearing surfaces which are levelled and positioned so as to ensure that the ends of such members are vertically aligned
a)38 mm x 38 mm
b)38 mm x 114 mm
c)38 mm x 76 mm
d)50 mm x 76 mm