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Nhbrc Questions 186 to 190

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186)Why is it necessary to use graded timber in roof truss construction?
a)Because timber without an appropriate grade mark & certification is considered non-structural?
b)Graded timber is expensive
c)Graded timber is used by experienced builders/contractors
d)All of the above



187)Black cross (ungraded) timber may only be used in timber structure assembly as?
a)Purlins for sheeted roofs
b)Battens for tiled roofs
c)Battens for ceilings
d)None of the above



188)What is the minimum depth of penetration for perspective treatment as required by SANS timber and of practice?
a)Fully penetrated
b)50 mm
c)20 mm
d)100 mm



189)Confirm where the timber hazard classification of H3 for timber may be applied?
a)Internal applications only
b)Exterior above ground applications only
c)In ground contact applications
d)Fresh water and heavy wet soil applications



190)What is logging on timber frame structure?
a)Logging is the process of cutting, skidding and processing trees to produce timber and pulp to supply the world’s markets for construction & other products
b)It is the process of treating trees with insecticides to avoid termites from eating through the woods
c)It is the process of drying trees for charcoal making
d)All of the above



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