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Nhbrc Questions 021 to 025

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21) What does the dolomite condition mean? 
a) A white mineral often tinted by impurities, found in sedimentary rocks and veins. It is used in the manufacture of cement and as a building stone (marble) 
b) An acidic type of soil 
c) A rock formed from volcanic conditions 
d) Sink hole 



22) A dolomite feature that manifests as a hole in the ground is referred to as? 
a) A sink hole 
b) A mine 
c) A shaft 
d) All of the above 



23) What type of foundation is needed in a dolomite classified area? 
a) A strip foundation 
b) A raft, mat or slab on the ground foundation 
c) A dolomite foundation 
d) A pad foundation 



24) Dolomite area designation D1 requires the following precautionary measures 
a) General precautionary measures that are intended to prevent concentrated ingress of water into the ground 
b) No precautionary measures are required to support development 
c) Precautionary measures in addition to those pertaining to the prevention of concentrated ingress of water into the ground are required 
d) Both B and C 



25) What is the minimum soil cover over the outside of the drain pipes? 
a) 50mm 
b) 100mm 
c) 150mm 
d) 300mm 



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