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Nhbrc Questions 031 to 035

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31)Service trenches shall not be excavated parallel to buildings within how many meters?
a)1,0 Meters
b)1,5 Meters
c)2,0 Meters
d)2,5 meters


32)Which foundation type is recommended for heaving soil, of site class designation between H2 and H3:(1) Raft foundation (11) Reinforced strip foundation (111) Soil Raft, (IV) Unreinforced strip foundation (V) Piled foundation.
a)11 and IV
b)I Only
c)1,11 and V
d)All of the above


33)What is the minimum depth of a strip foundation trench?
a)100 mm
b)400 mm
c)600 mm
d)700 mm


34)What is the minimum founding depth for slab on the ground foundation type?
a)500 mm
b)1500 mm
c)300 mm
d)400 mm


35)Except founded on rock, the minimum founding depth for a strip footing below natural ground level shall not be less than
a)150 mm
b)400 mm
c)600 mm
d)300 mm


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