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Nhbrc Questions 036 to 040

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36)What is the minimum founding depth for a strip footing foundation type?
a)150 mm
b)400 mm
c)300 mm
d)1500 mm


37)What is the minimum founding depth for slab on the ground foundation type?
a)500 mm
b)1500 mm
c)300 mm
d)400 mm


38)Steps in foundations shall be provided within …… from corners?
a)2,0 Meters
b)1,0 Meters
c)1,5 Meters
d)3,0 Meters


39)What is the minimum internal & external width of a strip foundation C, H, R and S soil classification sites on reinforced concrete roofs?
a)400 mm & 500 mm
b)600 mm & 750 mm
c)800 mm & 1000 mm
d)1000 mm & 1200 mm


40)What is the minimum width of a non continuous strip foundation to an internal masonry non load bearing wall or a timber framed wall supporting a roof with class A or class Cl?
a)100 mm
b)400 mm
c)600 mm
d)700 mm


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