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Nhbrc Questions 051 to 055

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51)What is the maximum height of a masonry foundation wall where the fill is retained behind a 220mm nominal wall thickness?
a)0,4 M
b)0,7 M
c)0,9 M
d)1,8 M



52)What is the maximum height of a foundation wall that is not acting as a retaining wall?
a)1,0 M
b)1,5 M
c)2,0 M
d)2,5 M



53)What is the minimum difference in ground levels (h) for 110 -110 cavity retaining wall?
a)600 mm
b)700 mm
c)1000 mm
d)1200 mm



54)What is the expected grade/strength of infill concrete in a cavity wall?
a)5 MPa
b)10 Mpa
c)15 Mpa
d)25 Mpa



55)In the cavity wall construction, the cavity shall not be less than?
a)50 mm
b)110 mm
c)150 mm
d)200 mm



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