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Nhbrc Questions 066 to 070

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66)The minimum bearing of concrete floors on load bearing walls are?
a)90 mm
b)75 mm
c)50 mm
d)20 mm



67)What is the minimum slab thickness for a non – load bearing wall?
a)150 mm
b)200 mm
c)250 mm
d)400 mm



68)To consistently control & monitor the levelness of masonry construction you will make use of?
a)Dumpy level
b)Builder’s square
c)Spirit level
d)Profile & gauge lines



69)Masonry walling shall not overhang concrete foundations slabs by more than…. ?
a)50 mm
b)45 mm
c)25 mm
d)20 mm



70)Masonry walls shall not be laid when the temperature is
a)Less than 0 degrees Celsius
b)Less than 5 degrees Celsius
c)More than 15 degrees Celsius
d)More than 25 degrees Celsius



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