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Nhbrc Questions 076 to 080

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76)What is the minimum thickness of the first bed joint above a supporting element (Foundation , slab or lintel)?
a)5 mm
b)10 mm
c)15 mm
d)35 mm



77)The maximum thickness of the first bed joint must not be more than
a)35 mm
b)30 mm
c)60 mm
d)None of the above



78)In burnt clay masonry units, control joints shall generally be provided at minimum intervals of?
a)4 m wide
b)6 m wide
c)9 m wide
d)12 m wide



79)The permissible deviation (PD) for perpend joint thickness in housing units is?
a)-5 + 20 mm
b)-10 + 15 mm
c)-5 + 15 mm
d)-5 + 10 mm



80)The permissible deviation (PD) for first bed joint thickness (above foundation) in housing units is
a)-5 + 25 mm
b)-10 + 35 mm
c)-5 + 20 mm
d)-5 + 10 mm



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