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Nhbrc Questions 081 to 085

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81)Generally props are provided at ….. centers and are left in place for a period of at least …. days?
a)1,2 m for 7 days
b)2,0 m for 5 days
c)1,5 m for 7 days
d)1,0 m for 3 days



82)Lintels over garage openings shall be adequately supported for a period of not less than
a)4 days
b)7 days
c)2 days
d)None of the above



83)What is a minimum lintel bearing for spans greater than or equal to 2,5 m?
a)50 mm
b)350 mm
c)220 mm
d)600 mm



84)What is the minimum height of balustrade and parapet walls to a flat roof top with no restriction of access?
a)1 500 mm
b)500 mm
c)150 mm
d)1 000 mm



85)What type of wall ties are used on a damp area?
a)Butterfly wall & fish tail wall ties
b)Remedial wall ties
c)Block wall ties
d)Stainless steel wall ties



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