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Nhbrc Questions 086 to 090

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86)What is the minimum wire diameter of butterfly type wall ties
a)1,20 mm
b)2,80 mm
c)3,15 mm
d)2,20 mm



87)Wall ties used 30 km from the coastline shall be?
a)Galvanized wire
b)Stainless steel of grade 816
c)Either of the above
d)None of the above



88)Which method can be used to join walls at an intersection?
a)Galvanized steel & wires
b)Wall ties & mortar
c)Steel wires
d)All of the above



89)What does Y 10 stand for?
a)10 mm diameter steel bar and is of mild steel.
b)10 mm diameter steel bar and is of high tensile
c)10 mm diameter steel bar and is of low yield steel
d)10 mm diameter steel bar and is of average yield steel



90)Rebars are available in different shapes and sizes. What type of rebar is depicted in the below picture?
a)Mild rebar
b)Hot rolled high yield stress
c)Finned rebar
d)M type rebar



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