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Nhbrc Questions 096 to 100

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96)Which of the following bricks should be wetted before placed
a)Concrete bricks
b)Sand lime bricks
c)Clay bricks
d)None of the above



97)What happens to the activities of hollow blocks where the masonry is required to spread concentrated loads?
a)The openings can be filled with concrete
b)The openings can be filled with grout
c)The openings can be filled with mortar
d)All of the above



98)Mortar shall be used within ….. of mixing?
a)1 Hour
b)2 Hour
c)3 Hour
d)4 Hour



99)Mortar in which initial set has occurred (i.e., thumbprint hard) shall be?
a)Used for infill concrete
b)Used under supervision of component person
c)Not be used
d)Used within two hours of mixing



100)Generally props are provided at ….. centers and are left in place for a period of at least …. days?
a)1,2 m for 7 days
b)2,0 m for 5 days
c)1,5 m for 7 days
d)1,0 m for 3 days



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