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Nhbrc Technical Managers

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One of the most basic key requirements for registration at the NHBRC, is the appointment of a technical manager.

The NHBRC gives directors the option, to either appoint themselves or appoint somebody else to sit for the NHBRC technical assessment exam before registration can commence.

At Fixonate, we offer you our fully trained technical managers, who have been thoroughly trained in terms of the NHBRC regulations as well as the SANS 10400, 2001 , 10137.


Our technical managers are qualified civil engineering graduates who have completed a subject in the built & structural survey modules.

They can write the NHBRC technical assessment test on behalf of your company.

In addition to this, they are also available throughout the 5 year appointment period on a “need-by-need” basis.

They can be called upon to document, represent and explain the technical management control systems in your company to the NHBRC should a need arise for this.

If you need to use the assistance of our technical managers, please see our simple process documented below.


  • Simply click here for the online application form thus telling us more about your needs.
  • One of our colleagues will call you and have a telephonic discussion about your specific needs.
  • You will then be told to email to us the list of required documents.
  • We shall then queue for you & submit your documents.
  • The NHBRC will then call you to confirm the submission of your application as well as your details such as the email address.
  • They will then process your application & send you an invoice of R 745.61 from their NHBRC’s web server email.
  • You will then be required to process payment of this invoice, email it to us, so that we can take it back to the NHBRC for the booking of the technical assessment test.
  • We shall then dispatch a technical manager to write the test on behalf of your company.
  • Once the results are out, we shall forward you a screen shot of the assessment results.
  • We shall then wait for a further 3 days for the NHBRC to process & release the final annual membership invoice of R 526.32
  • You will once again be required to settle this invoice, send us the proof of payment so that we can go back to the NHBRC to collect the Nhbrc certificate on behalf of your company.
  • You can then come collect your certificate at our offices or for those clients who can’t, we can always scan & courier the original certificate at the nearest post net next to you.
  • We charge an additional R 99.00 for posting the original certificate.
  • Our facilitation fee is R 3,450 excl vat.

For more information about our NHBRC registration services, please contact us on 010 443 5919 or 081 344 2361.