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However, please take note, that, if you are a self employed individual, who does not make consistent monthly salary deposits into your personal bank account, then, you might need to opt for our “Accountant’s Confirmation Of Earnings” which takes into consideration an average monthly earning over a period of let’s say 6 months or 12 months.

Most banks and financial institutions, do accept an accountant’s confirmation of earnings in instances where there is a lack of consistency with regards to monthly salary deposits into the personal bank account or withdrawals from the businesses’ bank account. We can assist you with an accountant’s confirmation of earnings if you feel it is the practical way to go instead of a payslip. Normally, banks do give the option of submitting a confirmation of earnings instead of a payslip.



Are you self employed, looking for a payslip for a Home Loan application, Vehicle Finance or for your employees? If so, welcome to our online payslip Consultation Services. We assist business owners with the drafting of payslips online.

You simply fill in our online application form together with information about your net pay and we shall work out everything for you including all the statutory deductions such as P.A.Y.E and U.I.F.

We shall then assist you with the calculation of other statutory deductions such as?

  • S.D.L (Skills Development Levy).
  • Medical expenses.
  • Retirement Annuity Funds.
  • Fringe Benefits.
  • Other allowances etc.

We also assist in the following areas if you are in the process of applying for finance.

  • Annual Financial Statements (Audited or Reviewed)
  • Management Accounts
  • ITA34 or IT34
  • Business and Personal Credit Reports.
  • Share Certificate