Removal of a director

Are you looking forward to the removal of a director from your company? Cipc Removal of a director

If so, we can assist you, besides that,

This is a same-day service hence we will have a director removed from your company within 3 business days.

Documents required by the CIPC for the removal of a director.

When removing a director, the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) will require the following set of documents.

  • A completed COR39 also known as the amendment form.
  • An official resignation letter from the director being removed.
  • Minutes of a meeting consequently calling for the removal of a director.
  • Minutes of the meeting mentioned above because they meet the quorum.
  • And also a company resolution seeking the removal of a director.

Most importantly, we draft the above documents on your behalf.

Consequently, what we require from you are Just 3 things.

  • ID/Passport copies of all the company’s directors.
  • A completed application form as seen below.
  • Payment of R900 (Check our FNB banking details below).

Please note that when processing Electronic Fund Transfer payments to our account, please make use of your company’s registration number as a deposit reference.

We shall look at your application form, and if the above three items are ticked off, we shall get in touch with you whilst beginning the application process.

Furthermore, please take note of our Banking Details below.

  • Account Name:  Fixonate
  • Bank Name:       First National Bank
  • Bank Name :      62686499924
  • Branch code:     250655)