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Application documents – Nhbrc

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  • ID Copies (Please do not use the iPhone scanner to scan in your ID, they sometimes reject this).
  • A technical manager appointment letter (Which we shall assist you with)
  • Cipc Annual Returns Certificate ( Not listed on the NHBRC website, however, they will return you back for this, we can assist you with this certificate).
  • Ck/Cm Company Registration Documents.
  • Share Certificate (Applicable to PTY's only, we can also assist in creating one for you)
  • Proof of director's address (Only one director's proof of address will suffice).
  • Bank Confirmation Letter.
  • Tax Clearance Certificate (on their website, they do list the tax clearance certificate, however, they never take it, so please, DO NOT forward us this certificate).

Please note that on their website, they list more than 15 items of which they don’t need all, e.g trust deed if you don’t have a trust.


In terms of the proof of address, the company director’s proof of address is the one required. As standard custom, it must not be older than 3 months. If there is more than one director, any one of the director’s can submit their proof of address.


The share certificate is mandatory for companies that end with a “PTY” or “INC”. No share certificate is required for close corporations, trusts or partnerships. Once again, the share certificate copy must be certified within a 3 months window period. Share certificates certified older than 3 months ago shall be rejected. We can assist you with a share certificate free of charge as part of our NHBRC facilitation process.


The bank confirmation letter is a prerequisite for the NHBRC registration. In fact, this could be one of the reasons that an application is rejected. Although on their website they also state that a bank cancelled cheque can be used in place of a bank confirmation letter, however, please note that times have moved on and a bank confirmation letter generated on your bank app or online profile will suffice.


Although not specified on the NHBRC’s website, the CIPC annual returns certificate is mandatory when applying for the NHBRC registration certificate. It will be one of the reasons your application is declined if you don’t submit it.

We can assist you in downloading your CIPC annual returns certificate from the CIPRO’s website however, if you have outstanding returns, you will be required to pay for this. You can click here to view an example of our very own CIPC annual returns certificate to see how it looks like.


Section “E” page “6” of the NHBRC registration application form (AR003) requires details of the technical manager appointed, accompanied by a technical manager appointment letter.

We shall assist you in this regard so that you don’t have to worry about this aspect.


Although point No. 7 of the NHBRC registration process, states that they need a tax clearance certificate, however, please do not bother with it. They seem to never take or be bothered with this document. For this reason, we also do not ask our clients for their tax clearance certificates when applying for the NHBRC certificate on their behalf.


Please be advised not to use the iPhone camcorder to scan in your ID documents. The NHBRC does not seem to appreciate these kind of ID copies on the grounds that they are either over or under magnified when printed out on A 4 paper. Please stick to the good old A 4 photo copier and preferably in color and high resolution.


Please note that when submitting to the NHBRC, we prefer the latest company’s registration document.

For this reason, we have a tendency of downloading the latest CIPC registration documents to determine if you are compliant with the CIPC annual returns and that ID copies of the latest active directors have been included within the application documents.

For this reason, you might find that we do not insist on requesting your company registration documents.

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