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Tax Clearance Certificate Pin Cidb

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A Tax Clearance Certificate Pin document is required when registering, renewing or upgrading your existing CIDB certificate.

The tax clearance certificate must stay valid throughout the registration period.

For grades 1, this will need to at least be 3 days, however, if you are applying for grades 2 & higher, it is imperative that your tax clearance certificate pin stays valid throughout the 21 working days.

At Fixonate, we can assist you with your tax clearance certificate.

Our clients, normally fall, into one of the 3 categories.


Clients, that have an active Efiling profile

If you have an active e Filing profile together with a valid username and password, we can use that to immediately file your outstanding tax returns and generate a tax clearance certificate for you within minutes.

We shall assess your tax filing requirements and communicate back to you with regards to the costs thereof. If you agree, with us, we shall proceed and do a tax clearance certificate for your prior to the registration of your CIDB certificate.

Normally, for entry level applicants or those clients that did not have business income, we shall submit a R Nil return and only charge R 800 for this service.

Clients that don't have an active e Filing profile

If you don’t have an existing active SARS efiling profile, we can assist in creating one for you. In this case, we shall need you to forward us the following 3 documents

  • Company registration name & number
  • A Clear ID Copy
  • Latest 3 months bank statement
  • Proof of address

With the above documents, we shall be able to obtain your company’s income tax number and be able to register an E filing profile for you on the SARS website. Normally, the duration for this exercise is a maximum of 2 working days.

Clients that have forgotten their E Filling login details.

If you used to have a username and eFilling login details, we can still be able to assist you with your tax clearance certificate.

All you have to do, is to give us your ID number, we shall log into the SARS e Filling profile under the forgotten username and password.

We shall activate the forgot button, and you should be able to receive a reset username and password under the cellphone number or the email that you used when you were registering for the e Filling in the first place.

This will enable us to reset your login credentials to enable us to submit your outstanding tax returns for an income tax clearance certificate pin, before we proceed onto the registration, renewal or upgrade of your CIDB certificate.