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Bill of quantities Cidb

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The bill of quantities is neither compulsory for submission to the CIDB.

However, there will be 2 instances in which it may be requested by the CIDB.

It will be requested if more than one grade or class of works from the one and the same construction project is being used to apply for a CIDB grading .

It will also be requested, if the details of the project break down are not clearly stated on the purchase order, construction contract or sub contract submitted.

The bill of quantities can easily be recreated from the detailed scopes of work or quotation that was submitted during the tendering process.

However, please note that.

The total amounts on the bill of quantities must either match to the total amounts of the purchase order submitted as well as to the amounts which were paid on the bank statement in addition to the variation orders valuation.

Failure to do so, could render heavy scrutiny from the CIDB which might eventually lead to the delay in the awarding of your CIDB upgrade application.

You may click here to view an example of a bill of quantities breakdown PDF.

Please note, application requirements for a CIDB grade 1 do not require a bill of quantities submission at all.

For more assistance on a bill of quantities, please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance.