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Welcome to our CIDB registration services.

We are here to help you with the registration of your CIDB grade 3.

In order to qualify for the grade, you need to have completed at least, one single large construction project between the values of R 450,000 to R 900,000 within the past 5 years.

In addition to the above, your financial statements must reflect, a net assets value in excess of R100,000 or a revenue of more than R 1 million.


The CIDB requires the following documents when applying for the CIDB grade 3.

We can assist you in putting these documents together before submission to the CIDB.

TOTAL FEES PAYABLE - R1,100 plus R2,500

The CIDB charges R750 for the application fee, as well as R350 for the annual fee.

In total, it will cost you R1,100 in terms of the CIDB fees.

On our side, we charge a facilitation fee of  R2,500.

This includes the systematic assessment, advice  & possible correction of your track record as well as the financial capability score (Financial Statements).


Financial capability refers to the company’s future financial abilities to carry out construction projects.

The assessment is done by looking at the latest set of annual financial statements submitted.

The CIDB will inspect if the financial statements’ revenue is in excess of R1 Million or that the net assets value is over & above R100,000.

In addition to the above, the financial statements must at least meet the following minimum requirements

  • Revenue from construction contracts must be disclosed in terms of IFRS 15.
  • Cash flow figures must not deviate by more than 10% from the track record bank statements submitted.
  • Cash & cash equivalents must match the figures on the bank statements as at balance sheet date.
  • The financial statements net asset value must not contradict the track record submitted.
  • They must be signed off in line with the company’s public interest score.
  • Overall, the financial statements must be in compliant with IFRS & they must be signed off by an accountant or auditor in good standing with a professional body as at the date of assessment.

Remember, financial statements can make or break your CIDB grade 3 application.

We assist in drawing up or assessing financial statements that are in compliance with the CIDB requirements.


Works capability, refers to the Rand value of the single largest construction project ever carried out by your company within the past 5 years.

To qualify for the CIDB Grade 3 works capability, you need to produce documentary evidence that proves that you did indeed satisfactorily complete the project.

This documentary evidence is what is referred to as the track record.

It has to be in the form of a signed project contract, sub-contract or award letter from the employer.

It must also be accompanied by a set of bank statement transactions highlighted, that add up to the exact contract value or the contract value plus any other variation orders.

A completion certificate must also accompany the track record to prove that the project was indeed completed satisfactorily.

A poorly constructed track record can make or break your CIDB grade 3 application.

Therefore, it is very important to use the services of a professional when building your CIDB grade 3 track record.

Remember, a track record cannot contradict the financial capability score.

The CIDB analyzes your application in your absence, therefore, anything that does not make sense, can potentially lead to a disqualification.



With a properly constructed track record, your CIDB grade 3 shouldn’t take more than 21 working days.

What normally creates delays or disqualification, is the submission of a poorly constructed track record as well as non compliant financial statements.


  • Simply fill in our online application form thus telling us more about your CIDB registration requirements.
  • We shall get back to you telephonically to discuss your specific CIDB grade 3 registration requirements.
  • We shall agree on the costs as well as the specific documents required from you.
  • You will be requested to email the documents to us at “”.
  • Once we receive your documents, we shall commence by assessing them for compliance.
  • If there are any corrections to be made, we shall advise & effect those changes if necessary.
  • Once the documents are fully ready for submission, we shall queue for you at the CIDB & submit on your behalf.
  • We shall email you proof of submission together with an invoice.
  • At this point, you will be required to settle the agreed upon invoice in full.
  • We shall continue to follow up on your CIDB application until it is approved.
  • You will also be able to see progress of your application on the CIDB’s website by clicking here.