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  • Welcome to our CIDB registrations page.
  • We are here to help you on a step by step basis with the registration of your construction company for the CIDB grades 1 to 9
  • On this page, we shall be discussing in detail the application documents, fees as well as the minimum standards required for each class & grades of construction works.
  • Remember, a poorly constructed set of CIDB application documents can adversely affect your CIDB application.
  • Therefore, you are required to go thoroughly, through this website, so that you can fully understand what is required of you in each instance for your CIDB application.


Financial Capability

Financial Capability refers to the company’s financial abilities to carry out future construction projects based on the company’s best latest historical annual revenue figures in conjunction with the net assets value.

For this reason, that’s why the latest set of financial statements is always required by the CIDB.

Please note that the assessment of financial capability is only applicable to grades 3 & higher cidb applications only.


The CIDB grades construction companies from levels 1 to 9 based on their past & future works and financial capabilities.

Below you can click on each grade to find its specific registration requirements.


  • Cidb registration fees range from R 450 to R 55,750 depending on the grade you are applying for. They include the application as well as the annual fees payable upon registration.

R 450 (Grade 1), R 700 (Grade 2), R 1,100 (Grade 3), R 1,650 (Grade 4), R 2,500 (Grade 5), R 4,250 (Grade 6) R 9,750 (Grade 7), R 29, 750 (Grade 8) R 55, 750 (Grade 9). Prices include registration & annual fees.

Works Capability

Works capability is measured based on the single largest construction project ever carried out by your construction company within the past 5 years.

It is used for assessment for applications of grades 2 & higher, the board will look at the value range of your historical construction projects carried out in order to determine the CIDB level.

For example, for grade 1, the works capability is none however, for grade 2, the required works capability must have been a construction project performed by your company for a value of not less than R 130,000.

CIDB Registration requirements - grades 1 to 9

To recap, we have summarized the registration requirements for grades 1 to 9 in a simplified PDF table.

Remember, the CIDB categorizes construction companies in terms of grades and classes of work based on the history of their construction projects (Works Capability) as well as their Revenue & Net Assets Value (Financial Capability).

Companies that don’t have a track record or a net worth can still register for the entry level CIDB grade 1 online, however, they can only bid for government projects up to the value of R 130,000.

Companies that have a history of construction projects can register for grades 2 and higher and bid for larger government construction tenders.


Between 1 to 21 working days dependent on the grade applied for. For grade 1, it will take about 1 to 3 days, however, for the remainder of the other grades, it will normally take within 21 days. Some applications can be shorter than even the 21 working days.


Applicants can check on the progress of their application status by clicking on the CIDB’s website here.

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