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Welcome to our CIDB registration services.

We are an accounting firm that assists construction companies with the registration of their CIDB upgrades from levels 2 to 9.

If you have completed a project of more than R130,000 within the past 5 years,

Then we could be in a position, to assist you with putting together, the documentations required by the CIDB.


Financial statements are required for CIDB applications from level 3 and above.

In fact, the CIDB itself dedicates a whole page about the importance of financials, which you can view by clicking here.

We will assist you in creating or assessing the financial statements just to make sure that they comply with the minimum requirements of the CIDB grading that you are looking for.

This will include the assessment of whether, the revenue and the net assets value as reported within the Financial Statements, meets the minimum requirements of the financial and works capability score.

In addition to the above, we shall also ensure that the variances between your track record as well as the financial statements are kept below the CIDB’s acceptable 10% variance.


  • Completed Cidb grade 2 – 9 application form – (we shall help you in completing this application form in a professional manner). 
  • CK/CM Company Registration Documents – (this must specifically be the latest Memorandum of Incorporation COR 14.3 or CK document, the cidb shall reject any other type of company registration documents such as the COR 39).
  • ID Copies – (Preferably colour photocopied ID’s, if using the smart card ID, both sides should be photocopied in colour on a one A4 page and should be certified within the past 3 months. The ID numbers as well as the face should precisely be visible. We can also help you with the latest commissioner of oath’s stamp).
  • Tax Clearance Certificate Pin – (Please note that the tax clearance should not expire within at least the next 21 working days from date of submission).
  • Construction Contract – (The construction contract must have a major labour skills clause in it with the ability to allocate the monetary value to the labour component. Supply only contracts will disqualify you for the cidb upgrade).
  • Purchase Orders – (Purchase orders are required in support of the main contractual value, if there is a variance between the purchase order as well as the contract amount, a purchase variance order must be supplied too).
  • Completion Certificate –  (The completion certificate must meet the minimum requirements).
  • Bank Statements – (Project payments received for the project must be ticked off in totality on the bank statements and matched to the project description, or the remittance advice or the project invoices plus the bank statements must be stamped. Unstamped bank statements will not be accepted for submission by the CIDB).
  • Remittance Advices – (Remittance advices are only required if the CIDB will dispute the project payment reference numbers/descriptions as ticked off on your bank statements. i.e, if they cannot reasonably link back the bank statement payment reference numbers to the contractor’s name as mentioned within the project contract).
  • Bill of quantities –  (only required if applying for multiple CIDB classes of work or if the existing contract hints to multiple classes of works).
  • Shareholder’s Certificate – (Only required for PTY companies, we can also assist with the creation of a shareholder’s certificate).
  • Vat 201′s. (Please note that the VAT 201 statements are only required if the volume of your bank statements is to high and its impractical to tie the revenue back to the financial statements. If you did not submit the correct revenue VAT figures, please do not submit your VAT201 statements, as this would jeorpadise your application).


The official duration for the CIDB gradings is normally 21 working days, however, grades 2 & 3 might take less than 2 weeks whereas the higher grades, might take slightly longer than the official 21 working days, dependent on the complexity of the documents submitted.


Cidb registration fees range from R 450 to R 55,750 depending on the grade you are applying for. They include the application as well as the annual fees payable upon registration.

R 450 (Grade 1), R 700 (Grade 2), R 1,100 (Grade 3), R 1,650 (Grade 4), R 2,500 (Grade 5), R 4,250 (Grade 6) R 9,750 (Grade 7), R 29, 750 (Grade 8) R 55, 750 (Grade 9). Prices include registration & annual fees.