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Welcome to our CIDB grades 2 – 9 upgrading services.

If you have completed a construction project above the value of R130,000, within the past 5 years, you could be on your way to qualifying for a higher CIDB grading.

Moreover, a CIDB upgrade, guarantees you an increased number of high valued government tender construction projects with lesser competition.

A number of individuals think that a Cidb Grading is all about submitting a bunch of required documents. However, A lot of attention goes into the documents and the wording on your project completion certificate, contract award letter, financial statements, bank statements, the application letter as well as the level and class of CIDB works that you are busy applying for.

Our vetted CIDB registration specialist accountants can assist you in building and submitting, in a professional manner, the track record required by the CIDB, for the purposes of your CIDB grades 2- 9 upgrade registrations.


  • You simply fill in the application form below
  • We share your request with 5 of our vetted CIDB registration specialist accountants within your suburb, city or province.
  • They respond to your request with quotations & service proposals
  • You get to select your preferred CIDB registration specialist accountant
  • You also get to determine how you will prefer interacting with them, whether you want to go to their offices or you want them to book an appointment with you or remotely via telephone, email or whatsapp, the choice is yours
  • You also get to review their services thereafter


  • A completed Cidb grade 2 – 9 application form – (our Cidb registration specialists shall assist you with the completion of  this application form in a professional manner) 
  • CK/CM Company Registration Documents – (this must specifically be the latest Memorandum Of Incorporation COR 14.3 or CK document, the cidb shall reject any other types of company registration documents such as the COR 39 again, our registration specialists shall assist you in downloading the latest correct company registration documents from the CIPC).
  • ID Copies – (Preferably colour photocopied ID’s, if using the smart card ID, both sides should be photocopied in colour on a one A4 page and should be certified within the current date. The ID numbers as well as the face should be clearly visible. Our Cidb registration specialists can always assist you with the latest commissioner of oaths certification).
  • Tax Clearance Certificate Pin – (Please note that the tax clearance should not expire within at least the next 21 working days from date of submission, if your tax affairs are not in order, once again, our CIDB registration specialists can always get to assist you with putting your current tax affairs in order).
  • Construction Contract – (The construction contract must have a major labour skills clause in it with the ability to allocate the monetary value to the labour component . Supply only contracts will disqualify you for the application, our cidb registration specialist will be able to go through your construction project and advice if any changes should be effected and backdated).
  • Purchase Orders – (Purchase orders are only required in contracts, whereby the main contract is sub divided into multiple phases. Maintenance contracts come into mind within this category).
  • Completion Certificate –  (The completion certificate must meet the minimum requirements, our CIDB registration consultants shall be able to advise in this regard if your completion certificate meets the CIDB minimum requirements or needs to be edited and backdated).
  • Bank Statements – (Project payments received for the project must be ticked off in totality on the bank statements and matched to the project description, or the remittance advice or the project invoices plus the bank statements must be stamped. Unstamped bank statements will not even be accepted for submission by the CIDB).
  • Bill of quantities – (only required if applying for multiple CIDB classes of work).
  • Shareholder’s Certificate – (Only required for PTY companies, if you don’t have a share certificate or the current one is outdated, our cidb registration specialists will be able to assist you with a new one in this regard).
  • Vat 201′s. (Please note that the VAT 201 statements are only required if the volume of your bank statements is too high and its impractical to tie the revenue back to the financial statements. If your tax accountant did not submit the correct revenue figures in order to save you some tax, please do not submit your revenue understated VAT201 statements, as this would disqualify your application).


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