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CIDB Grade 1 Form

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Nhbrc Registration


Welcome to our CIDB registration services.

We are here to help you with your online CIDB registration.

We cater for first time applicants (Grade 1’s) as well as those wishing to upgrade their levels up to grade 9. In addition to the above, we also assist those who have been rejected by the board for reasons such as non compliance with tax, VAT, CIPC or audited financial statements.

If you have successfully completed a project before, you could be eligible for a higher grading. We put together the application documents required by the board & also assist in determining your financial and works capability score.

In addition to this, we also assist you with the preparation of financial statements as well as an assessment of your project completion certificate, contract award letter, bank statements as well as the application forms. Most importantly, we can tell from the start, whether you will be able to qualify for the grading you are applying for.

We also take it upon ourselves to follow up on your application until it is released. We pay a lot of attention into the details of your project completion certificate, contract award letter, financial statements, bank statements, the application letter as well as the level and class of works applied for.