Cidb Services

Welcome to our Cidb Consulting Services.

We offer consultation on the following classes of Cidb services.

  • First Time Registration.
  • Certificate Renewal.
  • Certificate level Upgrades  (Level 2 to 9).

By the end of this article, we would have told you

  • The documents that we need to assist you with the various services.
  • The costs as well as
  • The duration of these services.

Please note the documents that we may require from you, might be less than the required CIDB documents.

We only request what we basically need from you, in order to make your life a little easier.

CIDB First Time Registrations

For first time registrars, the following are the documents we need

  • ID copies of current existing directors/members
  • Tax Clearance Certificate (If its expired or you do not have, we can assist you).
  • Proof of payment of R 1,590 into our bank account. Please click here to view our banking details.
  • A Completed online application form, Please click here to complete the online application form.

NB: Clients are also welcome to visit our offices in Midrand if they do not want the online service.

You may click here to view our physical address as well as contact details.

CIDB Certificate Renewal.

If you are looking to renew your existing CIDB certificate, we shall need the following documents

  • ID Copies of current existing directors/members.
  • Tax Clearance Certificate ( If expired, we can assist you).
  • Electrical Contractors Certificate (If applying for electrical works)
  • Proof of payment of R 1,590 into our bank account.
  • A completed online application form.

CIDB Upgrades & Applications for Grades 2 to 9

If you are looking to upgrade or renew an existing CIDB level grade 2 and higher, the requirements are a little more stringent.

We shall assist you with the preparation of the following documents

  • Share Certificate.
  • Audited Annual Financial Statements.
  • Bee Certificate.
  • VAT 201 Statement of account (If not registered, we shall assist).
  • Memorandum of Incorporation (Cor 14.3)  as well as the COR39.
  • Tax Clearance Certificate ( Only If you do not have one)
  • Cipc Annual returns, if your company is currently in de-registration process.

The following are the documents that we shall need from you

  • Clear ID copies of current company directors/members.
  • A tax clearance certificate, if still valid.
  • 12 months bank statement
  • Copy of largest contract received.
  • Certificate of completion issued on company’s letterhead.
  • Electrical contractors certificate if you are applying for Electrical works
  • A Completed online application form below.


We charge a flat fee of R 1, 590 for a CIDB grade 1 application as well as a renewal.

Please note that if you are applying or renewing for more than one class of work, an additional R 450 will be levied.

For CIDB levels 2 to 9 upgrades, the charges are based on the complexity of the works involved.

For this reason, you will need to fill an online application form about your needs.

We will then send you a quotation based on your certificate level needs.

Payments procedure and Banking Details

Please make sure that when making payments into our bank account, please use your company’s registration number as a payment reference.

e.g 2010/076015/23.

This allows us to automatically trace your payments back to your account directly from our bank statement.

Please click here to view our FNB banking details.


It takes about  5 to 7 working days after the successful submission of the required documents to the CIDB.

To apply for a CIDB service, please click the application form applicable to you below.