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Do you need a professional company profile designed for your business? Welcome to Fixonate Consulting Services. We are a group of chartered accountants based in Midrand. We specialise in the design and compiling of professional-looking company profiles also known as business profiles. With more than 100’s of templates to choose from, we shall select the design that appeals to your customers.

We will also write about your products and services to best introduce them to your customers. A company profile is usually a short business document (3 to 5 pages long) that introduces your products and services to customers at a glance. It should be short, precise and should contain the most pertinent information applicable to your business. If you sell products or services, an ample number of your product images or services should be clearly visible in your company profile.

People requesting your business profile, do so, to have a quick glance as to compare it to your other competitors. A good company profile comes handy in situations such as a government or private bid competition. Normally, users of your company profile, will sit in a panel of decision-makers, take out your company profile, look at the various products and services that you offer, and decide whether to appoint your company for the Job.

Therefore, when drafting a company profile, one should think of it as a curriculum vitae for their business. We can quote you and assist you in compiling a professional company profile for your business if you submit our online form below to tell us more about your company profile needs.

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