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CSD Registration.

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Registration on the South African Central Supplier’s Database (CSD) is the first step for a CIDB GRADE 1 online application

However, it is not compulsory for the grades 2 to 9 manual application forms.

The reason for this is that, the CIDB only accepts online registrations for the CIDB grade 1 applications, and they will need your CSD registration number when performing the CIDB grade 1 online application.

Registration on all platforms is reasonably easy and any one with a valid email address, cellphone number as well as a company that is compliant with SARS as well as CIPC and has a valid bank account can be registered within minutes.

In order for your CSD registration to be a success and compliant for CIDB registration purposes, you must please ensure that you obtain the triple ” MAAA ……number” CSD registration number.

If you only obtain the “R….”number, you must know that you have not successfully completed the CSD registration as yet.

However, if you don’t know how to go about registering on both platforms, we can assist you professionally to register your construction company on the central supplier’s database if you fill in our online request application form below.

We will assist you with the following CSD registration common obstacles.


  • Commodity selection.
  • Ownership Demographics.
  • Bee Credentials.
  • SARS Compliance.
  • Banking compliance
  • And any other issues we might feel that need your attention.

We will ensure that your CSD Summary registration report is fully compliant with the requirements for the CIDB grade 1 application.

The assistance application process is very simple:
  • All we need is your email address as well your cell phone number for registration purposes.
  • You will control the OTP (One Time Pin) via your cell phone as we work on your CSD.

We will complete the registration process for you and deal with all any other outstanding CSD & CIDB registration issues.

To Start the Application Process, simply fill in the application form below.
Please note that we charge R 350 for CSD registration, then R 450 for the CIDB registration and a separate fee of R 450 needs to be paid to the CIDB directly.


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