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Electrical contractor’s certificate

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An electrical contractors certificate is a certificate issued by the department of labour to confirm that an electrician, has the relevant skills to issue a certificate of compliance for general building electrical works.

At Fixonate, we assist clients with the process of obtaining their electrical contractor’s certificate from the department of labour.

We take about 5 days to obtain it for you, however, if you go to the department of labour, unaware of the process, it might take you more than a month to obtain one.


Simply forward us the following documents at in order for us to assist you with the application of your electrical contractor’s certificate

  • Your Certified ID copy – Please let the copy be clear, use a photocopier scanner and not a cellphone for your ID copy.
  • Company’s registration document – CK/Cm document
  • Tax clearance certificate – Check the date that your tax clearance certificate has not expired as yet.
  • Proof of address – A personal proof of address, not your company proof of address


Please note that you cannot apply for the electrical contractors certificate without the trade license from the ESETA.

However, If you don’t have one, we can always facilitate this for you with the relevant ESETA.

Simply indicate so on our online application form below and we shall be able to assist you with both the trade license as well as the electrical contractors certificate.

How much does it cost?

Although the department charges R120 for the electrical contractors certificate, we charge R3,200 to ensure that you get your certificate within the shortest time possible estimated to be within a week.


Although the average turn around time for the electrical contractors certificate is within 21 working days, at Fixonate we can get it for you within a week.

How do I check the validity of my certificate?

You can check the validity of the certificate we have issued to you by googling or visiting the electrical conformance board of south Africa and punching in the registration certificate number, name, surname or the company’s name.

Validity of an electrical certificate

An electrical contractors certificate is valid for a period of between 1 to 3 years dependent on how much you paid for.

An applicant can pay for 1 or 3 years registration period, the 1 year period is R 120 whereas the 3 year period is R 360.


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