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ID Copy/ Passport Photo Page requirements at the CIDB

At first glance, this might seem obvious, however, you will be surprised by the number of CIDB applications that get rejected as a result of their ID submissions.

Rule #1, make your ID Copies in colour.

Although color ID copies are not a specific requirement at the CIDB, however, based on our experience, they come out much clearer than the black and white copies.

The photo and text quality of a color ID copy is extremely high and can be duplicated multiple times without loosing its quality.

The CIDB scans in all documents submitted and therefore, if you submit a black and white ID copy, resolution might be compromised and this might affect your CIDB application at a later stage as it moves through the various stages of the application phase.

Therefore, the best way to maintain your ID copy’s quality, is to encourage you to submit to us, your colour copies when assisting you with your CIDB application.

Smart card ID copies

Smart card ID copies are the most difficult to deal with.

The font on these ID numbers are way too small, so please, when photo copying these, please ensure that they are magnified and that you, yourself can actually read the ID number before forwarding this information to us.

Furthermore, both sides of the Smart ID copies must be placed on one A4 page.

Director/ Member's ID Copies

Please ensure that all current ID copies of all active company members and directors are submitted.

Certification of ID Copies

All ID copies must be certified by a registered commissioner of oaths.

The date stamp must be within a window period of 3 months.

It’s advisable that the window period does not expire during the duration of the application phase which is 21 days for the grades 2 & higher.

Fixonate consulting services has a commissioner of oaths and we shall be able to certify your ID copies.

In conclusion

In conclusion, submitting an ID copy to the CIDB might seem pretty an obvious step, however, a little effort must be put into the quality, the date stamp as well as the way you handle the smart card id copy when submitting to the CIDB.