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Are you finding it hard to register for the NHBRC certificate online?

Don’t know where to begin with Parts OneTwo and Three of the home builder’s training manual?

Are you feeling intimidated about the Technical Assessment Test  or are you feeling clueless about some of the requirements listed on the NHBRC’s online application portal?

If so, welcome to our NHBRC facilitation services.


We take the hassle out of the NHBRC online registration process by providing you a simple, yet effective online application form to fill out below.

All you have to do, is to complete it and forward us the documents requested below, and the rest, we shall do for you.

We hand hold you and guide you through the Nhbrc’s Online Registration Process, book a test date for you and give you insights into a guaranteed technical assessment exam pass.

If you do not pass, we will not charge you a single cent for our full facilitation service.

In the unfortunate event that you cannot write the test yourself, we can also appoint one of our technical managers to write the test on behalf of your company, however, we strongly recommend that you write the test yourself.

Don’t be too intimidated about the technical assessment test, we shall give you proper guidance even if you don’t have an academic background in engineering.


Although the NHBRC lists so many online registration requirements & documents, in reality, only a few are compulsory.

We only require you to email us the following documents to in order for us to begin the NHBRC registration process. Please pay attention to the additional notes included in the brackets below.

  • ID copies of all Company Directors (Photo colour copies are preferable, if you are using a smart card, please forward both sides, however, do not use your cellphone to scan or take photos of your ID, the NHBRC automatically rejects these).
  • Personal Proof of Address (Not older than 3 months, it must also be clear).
  • Bank Stamped Confirmation Letter in company’s name or personal name if sole trader ( preferably not older than 2 months).


Please do not send us your company registration documents as we prefer downloading the latest copy from the CIPC ourselves.


  • Simply fill in the online application form below telling us more about your NHBRC registration requirements.
  • One of us will then get in touch with you to discuss your Nhbrc registration needs in detail.
  • Once agreed, we shall process your application details on the NHBRC’s online portal and forward you their initial application invoice fee of R745.61 which is payable directly to them. You can confirm their banking details on their website.
  • Once you have paid this invoice and have used the correct Payment Reference Number, their online system will automatically update and allow us to book you or our technical manager for a technical assessment test.
  • Once the test results have been confirmed as a pass, only then shall we invoice you for the quotation and also await the NHBRC’s final Annual Membership invoice fee of R526.32 for payment.
  • Once you have paid the final invoices, it takes about 2 working days for the NHBRC certificate to be available on the online portal for download.
  • We will download it and then forward it to your email.


  • Our facilitation fee is R 5,000 and includes hand holding to ensure that you pass your technical assessment exam. If you don’t pass the test, there is no point in us charging you as you cannot obtain the NHBRC certificate without passing the test.
  • If you want us to appoint one of our technical managers to write the test on behalf of your company, that will be an additional R500.
  • If you only want the test questions & answers but willing to do the rest of the registration yourself, that will only be R600.
  • If you want us to complete the online registration, book the test date for you as well as give you the test questions & answers for your own practice, but don’t get involved in ensuring that you pass your exam, that will be R2,500.
  • If you want to rent the SANS Home Builder’s manual just to write the test, we can meet you at Sunninghill and rent you the book at a price of R3,000 however, when you return it, we will give you back your rental deposit R1,800.
  • If you want to buy the home builder’s manual upfront, we shall sell it to you for R3,000.


For more information, please call us on 061 508 6835 or 072 522 0207 or 010 443 5919.