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Pastel-Online Accounting Software

Are you looking for an online accounting software? Are you a small to medium-sized business?If so, we would recommend “Pastel sage One Online Accounting Software“. Its prominent feature is the capacity for multiple people to work on it, from different locations at any given time. For example, you could be creating an invoice for customer “A” in province “B”, whereas your partner is busy creating invoice “Y” in province “Z “.

In fact, to sum it up, you could be having multiple people, working on different transactions, at different times from different locations all over the world.

Additional benefits.

  • Gone are the days when invoices needed to be captured, printed and physically distributed to customers, by hand or email, now you can simply automate the system for the online distribution of invoices.
  • You now no longer have to capture those bank statement line item by line item. You can now simply import your bank statement straight from the bank and the system will automatically classify and update accounting records for you.
  • Management accounts are updated immediately, there is no need to be caught off guard, if done right, all your transactions are already there.
  • In the past, you needed your account to physically visit you to access your accounting records, with Sage, your accountant could be far and they would still be able to access real-time records of your accounting transactions.
  • There is now no more need to be purchasing CD Roms in nicely decorated boxes, You can now simply order the package online and within a few minutes, you are off to go.
  • No need to create backups and so on, your accounting data is never lost even if your office was to be broken into.

Implementing the system is quite easy, one simply signs up online, captures the required details (Company name, address, business type etc) pays the required fees, and voila, the system is ready for use. But watch out,

You need a qualified accountant who will take into consideration your current online accounting software needs to be able to customise the pastel needs to meet your accounting and operational needs. This is a very important exercise and should you get this wrong, the system could easily backfire and frustrate the very same reasons you were implementing it for in the first place. To obtain guidance and quotation on a pastel system, you can simply fill out the form below and we shall be able to assist and guide you and probably quote you.