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Project breakdown

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Before, I begin this article, please note that requests for a project break down or bill of quantities are applicable to applications of grades 2 & higher.

The application requirements for a cidb grade 1 do not require one to submit a bill of quantities or a project break down.

The CIDB requests for a project break down when your project contract or award letter does not specify clearly, the works that were carried out.

I always recommend that clients submit the project break down regardless of whether the project break down has been documented or not on the award letter or purchase order.

The project breakdown can easily be created from the bill of quantities because it is the one and the same thing.

In fact the bill of quantities, is a summary of all your the line items on the invoices submitted to the client when billing their work.

The project or bill of quantities, should preferably be the one submitted at the end of the project rather than the one that was submitted at the beginning of the project.

The reason for this, is that their might have been variations along the way and therefore the final amounts billed to your client might differ from the ones that were eventually paid to you.

The total amounts on the bill of quantities has to match to the total amounts on the purchase order as well as to the amounts which were paid on the bank statement as well as to the variation order.

If a variance exists, then your works capability could come into questioning.

You can click here to view an example project breakdown pdf or bill of quantities.

This one was specifically created for an electrical contractor’s job for a cidb application on a grade 7.

For more assistance or templates on a project break down  or bill of quantities, please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance.