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  • Did you know that the hardest part about obtaining the Nhbrc Certificate is the writing & passing of the Nhbrc's technical assessment exam by a technical manager?
  • And did you know that we supply you with a fully trained technical manager to represent & write the test on behalf of your company?
  • Our fully trained technical managers are available to help you with all your Nhbrc requirements on a ``need-by-need`` basis.
  • We facilitate 100% of the entire Nhbrc registration process from the initial application stage, to the collection of the certificate from the Nhbrc's offices.
  • And to give you complete peace of mind, we only charge you once your certificate has been hand delivered to you.
Nhbrc Registration


  • A technical manager appointment letter (Which we shall assist you with)
  • Cipc Annual Returns Certificate ( Not listed on the NHBRC website, however, they will return you back for this, we can assist you with the certificate).
  • ID Copies (Please do not use the iPhone scanner to scan in your ID, they sometimes reject this).
  • Tax Clearance Certificate (on their website, they do list the tax clearance certificate, however, they never take it, so please, DO NOT forward us this).
  • Ck/Cm Company Registration Documents.
  • Share Certificate (Applicable to PTY's only, we can also assist in creating one for you)
  • Proof of director's address.
  • Bank Confirmation Letter.

Please note that on their website, they list more than 15 items of which they don’t need all, e.g trust deed if you don’t have a trust.


The writing of the Nhbrc registration test is compulsory for all applicant’s.

This is where our technical manager services come in handy.

We shall appoint a technical manager to write the test on behalf of your company.

Our technical managers are available on a “need-by-need” basis and can always be called upon should a need arise at negotiable daily rates.

How difficult is the Nhbrc registration test?

I wouldn’t say that the test is easy as it requires someone with an intimate knowledge of part 1,2 & 3 of the National Home Builders Registration manual, which is derived from the SANAS 10400, 2001 as well as the 10137 manuals.

It would take a substantial amount of time to master these manuals whereas the NHBRC only gives you less than 30 days to get ready.


If you want to see the type of questions that the NHBRC examines, you may click here to be redirected to an example of 4 questions from the NHBRC that we use to train our technical managers with.

how much does it cost to register with the nhbrc?

In total, it will cost you R 1,271.93 broken into a non refundable NHBRC Application fee of R 745.61 as well as an annual fee of R 526.32, should your registration be successful.

On our side, we only charge R 3, 450 for the full facilitation fee which includes the supply of a technical manager to write the nhbrc test on behalf of your company.

Is it compulsory to register with the nhbrc?

Yes it is. In fact, in terms of the housing consumer’s protection measures act 95 of 1998, no one can commence building nor receive payment for a home building project without a valid certificate.

The only exemption to the rule is for the home owner who is building a home for his or her own habitat.

In other words, no home building project may commence without a proper valid NHBRC registration certificate.

So, What does the NHBRC cover?

The NHBRC covers the housing consumer, protection against

  • Major structural defects for a period of 5 years.
  • Roof leaks & Waterproofing for a period of 1 year.
  • Deviations from proposed housing plans for a period of 3 months.
  • Builder’s registered with the council can also benefit from the Nhbrc tenders which can be accessed by clicking here.

So, How long does it take to get the certificate?

It takes about 7 to 14 working days dependent on how ready you are with your application documents.

nhbrc project enrolment

A home builder can only apply for a home enrollment only once they have received a valid Nhbrc Certificate .

Builders are required to apply and enroll their homes at least 15 days prior to the commencement of the home building project.

Another very useful tip is to dig the strip foundation trench before enrolling and inspections commence. However, do not commence further before enrollment.

For more information about the home enrollment process, please click here.


  • Fill in our online application form thus telling us about your Nhbrc registration requirements.
  • One of our agents shall call you and send you a customized list of documents required based on your needs.
  • Once we receive your documents, we shall assess them for Nhbrc compliance.
  • We shall queue & submit your documents for you (facilitation).
  • The Nhbrc will process your application documents within 2 days.
  • A staff member at the NHBRC will call you to confirm that they have received your application and also to confirm your email address.
  • They will then email you the initial application invoice of R 745.61 from the NHBRC’s web server email.
  • You will then be required to email to us this proof of payment so that we can take it back to the NHBRC offices for the booking of a test date.
  • We shall then appoint a technical manager to write the test on behalf of your company.
  • Upon the technical manager passing the NHBRC test, we shall then forward you a screen shot of the assessment results.
  • We shall then wait a further 3 days for the NHBRC to release the final annual membership invoice of R 526.32
  • You will once again be required to settle this invoice, send us proof of payment so that we can go back to the NHBRC to collect the certificate on behalf of your company.
  • You can then come collect your certificate at our offices or for those clients who can’t, we can always scan whilst we courier the original certificate at the nearest post net next to you.
  • We charge an additional R 99.00 for posting the original certificate.
  • Our facilitation fee is R 3,450 excl vat.

For more information about our NHBRC registration services, please contact us on 010 443 5919 or 081 344 2361.

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