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Did you know that the hardest part about obtaining the NHBRC certificate is the passing of the NHBRC’s technical assessment exam.

And, did you know that at Fixonate, we have assisted thousands of NHBRC clients to apply for their NHBRC certificate by supplying them with the study materials as well as the practice questions required for the preparation of their NHBRC technical assessment exam.

The NHBRC test is an open computer book test that consists of 25 multiple choice questions.

It’s divided into 5 sections of 5 marks each that includes Foundation, Walling, Roofing, Substructure as well as General type questions.

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not based on the home builder’s manual part 1,2 & 3 of R87.82, but rather, it’s based on the SANS special edition collection’s hard cover book which we rent out to our clients, in addition to a set of 200 NHBRC practice questions.

Below, we have also included a free sample test of 10 NHBRC questions which you can use to test our product.

We also offer clients 3 service options when it comes to the registration of their NHBRC certificate.

  • We can give you access to 200 NHBRC practice questions, that once practiced, will guarantee you a pass in the NHBRC exam (R 600).
  • We can rent you the study book in addition to the above 200 questions to make you fully prepared for the exam (R 1 800).
  • Alternatively, we can also do the entire NHBRC registration facilitation which includes the filling in of the application form, queuing, exam booking & training, as well as the collection of the NHBRC registration certificate on behalf of your company (R 3 450).


Please read on for more information or alternatively you can fill in the online application form below or call us on 010 443 5919 for more information.


Please use Test1234 as the password to login & access our free NHBRC practice sample test below.

Don’t forget to download your marked transcript to see where you have gone wrong & which ones were the correct answers.


To access the over 200 practice questions below, please pay R 600 into our Fixonate’s FNB account no 62815746378 branch code 250655.

Use your Cellphone number as the deposit reference number and we shall SMS you the password to the cellphone number provided above to open all the 4 tests below.

  • NHBRC Practice Test 1 – Foundation (Click here) 50 Q’s
  • NHBRC Practice Test 2 – Walling (Click here) 55 Q’s
  • NHBRC Practice Test 3 – Roofing (Click here)  50 Q’s
  • NHBRC Practice Test 4 – Substructure (Click here) 55 Q’s


The NHBRC technical assessment exam is an open book test, however, the only materials allowed in the examination room are the original hard cover SANS special edition’s handbook as well as the free manual given upon the payment of the R 745,61 registration fee.

Other items such as cellphones, printed notes, downloaded manuals, own notes etc. are specifically NOT allowed within the examination room.

We rent out the authorized SANS book at a price of R 1,800 with a refundable deposit of R 1 200 when you bring it back along with access to the 200 practice questions.

Since the NHBRC exam is an open book test, our SANS special edition’s hard cover rental books are indexed for easy access to the topics examined so that you can be able to answer questions within the shortest time possible.

The free manual is not indexed as we know that none of the stuff in their is examined and we shall give it to you as it is.


We also assist clients with their NHBRC registration certificate by facilitating the entire NHBRC registration process.

All that is required from you, is the Company’s CK document, ID copies of all the company directors, Any of the director’s proof of address, Bank stamped confirmation letter as well as the CIPC annual returns.


  • Fill in our online application form thus telling us more about your NHBRC registration requirements.
  • One of our agents will get in touch with you and send you a customized list of documents required based on your needs.
  • Once we have received your documents, we shall assess them for NHBRC compliance.
  • We shall then queue & submit your documents at the NHBRC offices.
  • After 2 days, the NHBRC shall process your application and.
  • A staff member at the NHBRC will call you to confirm that they have received your application and also confirm your email address for further correspondences.
  • They will then email you the initial application invoice of R 745.61 from the NHBRC’s web server email.
  • You will then be required to email us proof of this invoice payment so that we can take it back to the NHBRC offices for the booking of a test date.
  • We shall then book a test date & exam center that you are most comfortable with nation wide.
  • We shall then give you access to our online NHBRC practice test as well as rent to you our indexed study book to get you or your technical manager ready for the test.
  • Once you have passed the exam, we shall then wait for a further 3 days for the NHBRC to release the final annual membership invoice of R 526.32 for payment.
  • Once you have processed the annual membership invoice, we shall go back to the NHBRC to collect the certificate on behalf of your company.
  • You can then come collect your certificate at our offices or for those clients who can’t, we can always scan it to you whilst we courier the original certificate to the nearest postnet next to you.
  • We charge an additional R 99.00 for posting the original certificate.
  • Our facilitation fee is R 3,450 & this includes all the NHBRC training materials.

For more information about our NHBRC registration services, please contact us on 010 443 5919 or 081 344 2361.


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