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Tax Returns

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Basically, a Tax Return is a form sent to you by SARS, for you to fill it in by declaring your incomes as well as expenditures for the income tax year, so that they can determine whether you owe them, or they owe you some money.

To avoid paying exorbitant taxes or claiming too little of a refund, it is always advisable to take these forms to a specialist tax accountant, who will be able to fill in the form with you as well as explaining to you the potential tax liabilities or income arising out of declaring certain expenditures & incomes.

Sometimes clients under declare or over declare some income & expenditure items that are unnecessarily, & they could find themselves potentially claiming less or over paying for taxes simply because they have allowed themselves to do their tax returns without consulting a professional.


  • Simply fill in our application form below
  • We share your request with 5 of our vetted SARS Tax Return specialist accountants within your suburb or city
  • They respond to your request within minutes with quotations & service proposals
  • You get to select your preferred tax accountant
  • You also get to determine how you will be meeting them, whether, you want to go to their offices or you want them to come to you, the choice is yours


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