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One of the frequently asked questions from our clients is.

What qualifications does a Technical Manager need to have before appointment?

And the answer to this question is NONE.

For as long as the said technical manager can sit for and pass the technical assessment test, the NHBRC shall officially recognise that person as a now, qualified technical manager, for the purposes of the NHBRC registration.

The second question I normally get, is, since am building or registering my company, do I have to write the technical assessment and..

Unfortunately, the answer to the above question is a resounding “Yes”.

All applicants for the NHBRC have to sit for and pass the Technical Assessment Test or they can appoint someone else to write the test for themselves unless they apply for Home Owner Builder exemption, which is another topic altogether.

By default, we therefore strongly recommend that all applicants appoint themselves and write the technical assessment test.

Its not that hard, we shall assist you with a guaranteed pass if you take on our full NHBRC full facilitation services.

See our service options below.


  • With our full facilitation fee of R 5,000, we shall take care of all your NHBRC online registration, which includes hand holding you, to ensure that you pass your technical assessment exam.
  • If you don’t pass the test, we won’t charge you a single cent.
  • However, in the unfortunate event,were you cannot write the test yourself, we can appoint one of our technical managers, based on availability, to write the test on behalf of your company, which will cost you R5,500.
  • If you only want the test questions & answers but willing to do the rest of the online registration & test booking yourself, that will only be R600.
  • If you want us to complete the online registration, book the test date for you as well as give you the test questions & answers for your own practice, but we don’t get involved in ensuring that you pass your exam, that will be R2,500.
  • If you want to rent the SANS Home Builder’s manual just to write the test, we can meet you at Sunninghill and rent you the book at a price of R3,000 however, when you return it, we will give you back your rental deposit R1,800.
  • If you want to buy the home builder’s manual upfront, we shall sell it to you for R3,000.


For more information, please call us on 061 508 6835 or 072 522 0207 or 010 443 5919