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The submission of VAT statement of accounts are not compulsory for all CIDB upgrade applications

The CIDB will only request you for the VAT statement of accounts, if there is doubt about the revenue figure reported within the financial statements submitted or

If the number of bank statement submitted are way too large for them to allocate sufficient resources to recalculate your revenue.

Normally, this is the case with large organisations that have way too much bank statements.

However, if your bank statements are less than let’s say 1000 pages, then you do not have to submit a VAT statement of accounts.

Also please make sure that if you are going to submit the VAT201 statements of account, you must ensure that the revenue on those statements matches to that of the financial statements submitted.

Otherwise, the CIDB will nullify your application and they will consider the lowest of the two revenue figures in awarding your CIDB upgrade.

For assistance with your CIDB upgrade applications, you can fill in our application form by clicking here and we shall get back to you with professional help.