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Nhbrc Home Inspections

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NHBRC Home Inspections

  • The NHBRC home inspections are carried out in 4 to 8 site visits deepening at each of the phases of the home building phase.
  • The whole objective of the home inspections is to ensure compliance with the home building manual.
  • In return, the home owner is protected from scrupulous home builders as well as poor workmanship.
  • The protection covers the home owner against minor defects for a period of at least one year and against major defects for a period of 5 years.
  • Deviations from building plans by the owner are covered within the first 3 months upon completion of the building project.
Nhbrc Registration

The initial home inspection stage

The home inspection process starts off with the initial approval of the home enrollment process. Once approval has been obtained, an enrollment certificate is printed by the NHBRC and passed onto the NHBRC enroll administrator.

The NHBRC enroll administrator registers the enrollment certificate and passes it onto the Quality Assurance  Administrator. The quality assurance administrator performs final audits on the enrollment certificate before it is escalated to the home inspector as well as the quality assessor or the home inspectors supervisor.

The quality assurance administrator loads the home inspections spread sheet onto the mobile inspections app server for access by both the home inspector as well as his or her supervisor.

The home inspector as well as the supervisor determine the address of the site and plan the date for their visit by informing the home builder.

Although it is encouraged for the home builder to be present, however, in most cases, a home builder might not be present as he or she might be managing several sites at a time.


When the home inspector arrives for inspection, the inspection will be based on the following

  • SANS 10400
  • SANS 10082
  • SANS 10517
  • SANS 10137
  • SANS 2001
  • The Home Builder's Manual
  • The housing code.
  • The rational design.
  • The contractor's agreement


Once the home inspector as well as the quality assurance administrator have been satisfied with the preliminary inspections, additional site visits will continue to occur between 4 to 8 phases until signed off. However, in the event of non compliance, the home inspector can request the home builder to rectify the non compliance within 7 days. All corrections to non compliance must be supported with full engineering and architectural drawings wherever necessary. In the event that the home builder cannot rectify those defects, the matter will be handed over to the NHBRC legal officer. A notice of intent to cease building will be issued by the NHBRC and several disciplinary hearings shall ensue. This is a situation that we discourage any home builder not to get into at all costs.


Succeeding with the NHBRC inspections must start off with good planning. If your architectural plans have been sourced from an NHBRC registered architect firm and all your sub contractors are registered with the NHBRC, then you should be able to do fairly well with the NHBRC guidelines.

The guidelines can also be purchased by following the following link at the South African Bureau of standards, click here.

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