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Welcome to our EME BEE SANAS accredited certification services. Not only, do we assist you with the issuing of an EME BEE certificate, but we also assist you with the application process applicable to obtaining a SANAS ACCREDITED EME BEE Certificate.

Unlike other BEE verification agencies, we assist you with the entire application process to the final certification stage. Other BEE verification agencies only verify your documents but might not assist you with issues such as Auditor’s certification of shareholders agreements etc.

share certificate- Fixonate

Includes but not limited to

  • Beneficial Ownership Auditor’s Certification.
  • Accountants letter of directors confirmation of earnings
  • Preparation or Assessment of BEE Financial Statements.
  • Black Ownership & Voting rights declarations.
  • Principal ownership declarations.
  • Sworn black ownership status declaration and certification.
  • Shareholders Agreements.
  • Skills Development and Training, if applicable to you.
  • Pre-site visit preparation if applicable.
  • EMP201 preparation if claiming on the skills development.
  • Advice with future improvements on your current BEE.
  • Assistance with Tax Clearance Certificate.
  • Tax Clearance Certificate if claiming on Training.
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